Enjoy your trip this Summer

The dog from the last blog post ‘Keeping your cool’ was sent home to his owner the next day fully rehydrated and having stopped vomiting. He is now back to his normal self and enjoying being back with his friends!

During the weeks of the school holidays, we know that many pets will be taken away to places in England or abroad. If you know that your pets get very stressed when travelling in the car it may be a good idea to start them on anti-anxiety medication before you go.

dog in car

There are many treatments out there – the Adaptil range of products release a pheromone that is proven to reduce signs of stress such as barking and panting. The pheromone is a chemical that is released from the mother when puppies are suckling from her and this tells them that everything is alright. Adaptil replicates the mothers pheromone and for use in the car a spray can be applied to blankets or bedding.

This product is not enough to keep some dogs calm so we would suggest using certain tablets – either Zylkene or Nutracalm. Zylkene contains a molecule that is known to relax newborns whilst breastfeeding. Nutracalm contains natural calming hormones that are normally released in the brain. At the higher levels ingested in the tablet form they have proven anti-anxiety effects.

As well as getting anxious in the car, some dogs also get travel sick. The best way to avoid unwanted accidents in the car is to use Cerenia tablets.


Your pet may have had an injection of this if you have ever brought them to the vets for vomiting but there is a tablet form to be given if your pet is healthy. One tablet guarantees 12 hours without vomiting but we advise giving it a couple of hours before starting the journey. This is a prescription only medication so you would need to bring your pet to see one of our vets to obtain the tablets.

dog inseatbelt

So relax and enjoy your trip and if you have any more travelling questions please feel free to contact us.


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