National Microchipping Month

June was National Microchipping Month but we’ve been so busy here at Temple End with our new Healthy Pet Club that we have decided to run our microchipping promotion during July instead.

Microchipping is one of the cheapest, quickest ways to ensure that your pet is returned to you should he or she go missing. If your pet has a microchip the chip can easily be scanned, checked against a national 24-hour database and your contact details passed to the person or authority holding your pet. As long as you remember to keep those details updated as necessary you will quickly and easily be re-united.
60% of the 8 million pet dogs in the UK are already chipped, each chip holding a unique code. In order to improve the welfare of dogs and promote responsible ownership it will become compulsory by April 2016 for all dogs in England to carry a chip. Owners found not to comply will be subject to a warning and instructed to get their pet chipped. Failure to meet the requirements could result in a £500 fine.

We have recently reunited this large bull mastiff puppy with her owners after she was found wandering in High Wycombe. Luckily we managed to trace her owners even though she wasn’t microchipped but many pets are not so lucky. Those pets not claimed after 7 days are taken by animal charities for rehoming or failing that, eventually they may put them to sleep.


Cats are often out and about, at risk of being lost, injured or transported away if they are nosey enough to explore open vans! Microchipping your cat will ensure that you are contacted should he or she go walk about.

We currently have this lovely cat in our kennels while we search for her owners, sadly she has not been microchipped.

photo 1(5)

Even tortoises can be microchipped. This chap called Dennis was stolen from Kent with two companions 6 months ago. He mysteriously turned up in Flackwell Heath last week and is now awaiting collection by his owners. A happy ending for Dennis, all thanks to a small investment in a microchip.


The actual procedure is very easy. A vet or nurse will implant the chip via a sharp hollow needle into the loose skin at the back of the neck. The chip itself is just the size of a grain of uncooked rice. Although your pet may feel a few seconds of discomfort when the chip is inserted it cannot be felt by the pet once it is in place. Check out the Petlog website for more information at
Throughout July we are offering microchipping at just £8 per pet (usual price £15) or FREE to all the members of our Healthy Pet Club.
If you are interested, please call our team of receptionists for an appointment on 01494 522956.


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