May is National Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month

National Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month is an annual event organised by the BVNA (British Veterinary Nursing Association) that aims to raise awareness of the role of the veterinary nurse in modern day practice and highlight their importance within the veterinary profession.

ImageThe nursing team at Temple End is made up of 9 lovely ladies who are dedicated to caring for your pets. You may see them for nurse appointments, clinics , helping on reception or admitting and discharging hospital patients but they also have a very important role behind the scenes, the Practice simply couldn’t function without them!!
Front of house, you may have seen our nurses for:
• Post-op checks
• Suture removal
• Re-bandaging
• Weight clinics
• Claw clipping
• Puppy parties
• Flea and worm checks

Behind the scenes, our nurses can be found:
• Assisting with surgical procedures
• Monitoring anaesthetics
• Assisting with radiography
• Blood sampling
• Carrying out work in the laboratory
• Caring for hospitalised patients (maintaining fluid therapy, administering medication, routine monitoring of vital signs, and providing lots of TLC)
• And last but not least – maintaining the ever-important high standard of hygiene required in practice, yes, that basically means lots of cleaning and sterilising!


All our qualified veterinary nurses are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, demonstrating that they are keeping their skills up-to-date and following the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Nurses.
The role of a veterinary nurse is very varied as each day brings new pets, new clients and new cases. Due to the nature of the work, at times the role can be a sad one, however this is greatly outweighed by the reward of knowing that we can make a positive difference to an animal’s life.

For more information on services provided by our nurses, please contact any of our branches or look at our website where you’ll also find our ‘Rogues Gallery’ of staff so you can get to know who’s who.





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