Receding flood water still poses danger to pets

The recent floods began as a fun way for water loving dogs to play in the parks and fields, especially those bordering a river. All that water – what a novelty!


However, once the excessive amount of rainfall caused the domestic drains to overflow, sewage mixed with the flood water and this contaminated and stagnant water now poses a serious health risk to our pets.


The British Veterinary Association (BVA) are warning pet owners in flooded areas of the country that the receding flood water still poses a health risk.

We should prevent our pets from swimming, wading in or drinking the contaminated water because the ‘soup’ of bacteria that has been created can be very harmful.


Diseases such as Leptospirosis can be spread through stagnant water so the BVA recommend that we check that our pets’ vaccinations are up to date in order to give them the best possible protection against diseases. If you think your pet has walked in contaminated water or mud wash their paws in clean water to prevent them licking at them and ingesting bacteria.


Microbiologists are warning that the dangers will remain on the ground for up to a month after the water has receded, so the problem is not going away anytime soon.

If you have any concerns about your pets health please seek our advice or bring you pet in for a check-up.


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